You Were My New Dream
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I’m 16 years old,
Sitting at home, crying
Over food that scares me and
A self that I hate.
I am 16 and dying.

This is the reality of anorexia.

Whilst I dig my nails into
My despised, detested flesh
And cry my breaking heart to
Sleep, somewhere my friend is,
Kissing that boy underneath a thousand
Stars and a sky as clear
As her conscience.

And as I slowly fall
Into my slumber, my demons
Haunting me even in my
Dreams, somewhere another 16 year old
Girl is sleeping peacefully, holding onto
Love, happiness and

And when I cry at the crack of
Dawn, because I do not
Want to take another day,
Somewhere another 16 year old
Girl is walking peacefully
Breathing in life
And breathing out fresh,
Pure delight.
She is 16 and living,

I am not.

This is not fair.

The reality of anorexia
Is missing those special nights
Underneath the moonlight.
Feeling your heart beat
Strongly and thanking God
For your life,
Missing what it is, to be
Young, 16, free.

Do not let anorexia take that away from you.
You’re only your age once,
Make it count.

-16 and Dying, 16 and Living. (via rediscoveryandrecovery)

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3045) I hate myself and I hate my life and I hate that I am constantly consumed with thoughts about food.
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Straight vodka burns less than telling you what you did was okay.

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